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KidzAct Talent & The Actors Agency is pleased to offer acting classes from beginning to advanced levels for kids and teens ages 6-17.*

*We may occasionally extend an offer of representation to select individuals who attend classes. However, attending classes does not guarantee an offer of representation.

*We do not require you to take our classes in order to be considered for representation* 

All classes are part of our talent development program. They are offered after normal agency hours.  We try to keep our phone lines free for casting, clients, & talent we represent. Therefore, we ask that you e-mail us at to ask any questions or inquire about classes. We will provide you with our number once you are registered. Thank you for your understanding.  




Group classes (Ages 6-17)


Adult Classes


Private / Semi-private classes (All ages)


Introduction to acting for commercials, film and television (All ages)



Class FAQ’s


Q: Why are classes necessary? 

A: Acting classes are comparable to learning any other hobby or profession. You can't go join a pro football team if you have never played football. You have to learn the skills to be successful. This is true for sports, music, dance, martial arts, etc. Professional acting is the same; it requires dedication and training.    



Q: Who teaches the classes? 

A: Talent agent & agency owner Lois LaPrade is involved in the teaching of all classes. From time to time we will also invite experienced actors, film students, or other industry guests we know and work with to assist with a class.


Q: Are there class policies or requirements? 


A: Yes.  We ask that all students WANT to attend class.  We want students who are going to have fun and enjoy the classes while learning. We do not want students who are there because their parents are pushing them into it. We also require that all students are well behaved during class.  *Unruly or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated in any class. If a student disrupts class or behaves innapropriately, we will notify parents immediately.  If it continues, they will be banned from future classes.  


Q: What if my child is more shy or reserved?

A: Group classes are a great option. Everyone moves forward at their own pace, so if your child prefers to observe for a while first, or skip a particular activity, they are welcome to do so until they are ready. No student is ever pressured to participate in any activity they are not comfortable with.


Q: Can you guarantee that my child will be able to become a professional actor if they take your classes:

A: Absolutely not.  Some will be successful and some will not. There are a variety of factors that determine this. Acting is very similar to singing; if you have a voice, you can train it, and you may become successful.  On the other hand, you may be very good, but it doesn’t guarantee you will become a professional singer.  We can guarantee that we will teach your children everything they need to know to become successful (IF they are committed both in and out of class). Many of our actors have been successful in landing commercial, film, and television roles - even those with no prior experience other than basic training and/or coaching. If we see that anyone is just not going to do well, we will be honest and let you know.  We will provide feedback weekly for all students so you know you are not wasting your time or money.   


Q: Do you teach adults?

A: Yes! Our Introduction to acting class and private classes are for all ages, including adults. 

On occasion also we also offer group classes for adults and/or mixed age group classes. Email to inquire about upcoming opportunities.


Have other questions? Just ask!

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